You Can’t Ban a God.

I know I haven’t been on here in a long time, but here I am, with a rant. This is about people who complain about religion not being in schools. One religion in particular is known for this, and this blog will sound like I’m targeting them because of this fact, but this blog is aimed at really any religion that complains about it. Pagans are guilty of this too.
Brace yourself.
Please do not complain that your God “isn’t allowed” in schools, and that’s why there is so much turmoil. That argument is silly for three reasons:

#1: No god is banned from schools. Teachers forcing a particular god down the throats of unwilling children is what isn’t allowed. There are more religions than just yours. Bring your bible or other religious books. Just don’t bash others over the head with it.

#2: Your God should have more power than that. Do you really think a silly man-made law is going to keep them out? Saying things like that, I think, is the same as calling your God weak. No mere human can keep Them out of any place They want to be. They aren’t following you around just to bump into some invisible barrier placed by man, to sit around and wait for you to come out. No, They’re going to waltz right in there with you. There are no laws, there’s no sign outside of buildings saying “No Gods allowed, make them wait outside, please.” And even if there was, the Gods would more than likely laugh it off and enter anyway. Our barriers, if any, mean nothing to Them.

#3: No God stopped criminals from doing what they did, no matter what religion they followed. The gods do not interfere. If you want to be a monster, that’s all on YOU. No god or lack of god will change that. Also, let’s not forget that some people are monsters and/or start war because of some so-called will of some god.

Long story short; Turmoil, peace, and spirituality is all up to YOU.


For some pagans, this word alone sets them off in anger. Christians are cruel, hateful, and have conditions on love.

For some Christians, this is true. They will disown their own children if they didn’t live the life that they interpret that the Bible told them to live.

But I cannot stress enough, how untrue this is for the TRUE Christians.

Christians who hate are Christian in name only. Because Christ does not hate.

Real Christians won’t betray you at the slightest hint that you’re different from them. If they are family, they will love you unconditionally. They live the life that the true Christ would like to see (even though he’s not my patron, yes, I do acknowledge the Christ, but that’s a different topic, that I will gladly get into if someone asks me).

They are not all monsters. But they do have their bad apples. As do we pagans.

I have lost “friends”. Luckily for me, they left silently. But I’ve had more drama from false friends who were pagan, quite honestly.

I just ask that some people who bash the Christians out of pure habit, to stop and think about it. I mean, the very reason we pagans are ridiculed and sometimes feared is because of the bad apples in our own group. Why do the same to them?

We dealt with Salem, but we did feed them to lions long before that. It’s time we get along.

Whining does NOT equal fighting for pagan rights.

There was a story going around about a pagan woman who was offended at a Memorial Day service because Jesus was mentioned at the end of a prayer. She wants the volunteer who organized the prayer fired. A volunteer who was only going by the template he was given, and wasn’t out to offend anyone. So this tells me this is a yearly thing, and if her kid goes to that school, she should have seen this coming, right?
If this was a case of “I volunteered and tried to come up with a pagan service and was outright denied”, I could see maybe going to the media about it. But this isn’t the case here. Instead, this woman (who I read is notorious for this behavior)sat on her butt and waited to be offended. She could have joined the volunteer committee, but chose not to. And to add to the drama, she claims that she fears for her daughter’s safety. What is her daughter in danger of? Is the mention of Jesus going to make her spontaneously combust? Are they going to burn her at the stake? No, they won’t, and can’t even if they wanted to. And true Christians won’t even consider that.

So why didn’t she just join the volunteer committee and make changes from the inside instead of whining that people can’t read your mind?

This whole thing sounds like an attack on the “mean old Christians”. Pagans as a whole look like a bunch of Christian-hating whiners because of people like this. Christianity is the default religion, and I bet most of the people who attended this private event on private property (NOT on school grounds), were Christian. So, it’s only natural that Jesus would be mentioned. And instead of making this a happy event to remember fallen soldiers, and simply say her own silent prayer to her own deity, she lays a guilt trip on people. Like I said, they can’t read our minds, and she could have volunteered. Because something tells me, that had she joined the committee, she would have been allowed to put together some sort of pagan activity.

I know I’m a nobody in the pagan community, but I would like us pagans to be accepted for being good people who make an effort and get involved and treat people with respect. The type that make people say “Oh these people are fun and nice, let’s include them”, not “Oh we better include this group or we’ll never hear the end of it”.

I appreciate that she’s trying to fight for our rights, but she’s going the wrong way about it. Because the whining and being offended is NOT WORKING. As of right now, she is not someone that I’m proud of having to represent us.

I just want all my readers to know that not all Christians are out to offend and oppress us. In fact, the true ones are not. And we need to stop treating them all like they are. We are not entitled to respect. We have to earn it.

I Do What I Want!

What gives some witches the authority to say what “true” witchcraft is? So much was lost since the beginning of it. Who the hell are you to come along and tell someone what is “real witchcraft”? Because they live more in the light than in the darkness? Because they don’t believe in Lucifer? I have Luciferian friends. They aren’t nearly so nit-picky towards people. And they definitely don’t tell anyone they are “fake” or “watered down witches”.

Everyone has their path. Just because one form of witchcraft doesn’t fit in with yours, doesn’t make it any less relevant. Those people are not you. Worry about yourself. We already have other religions on our asses all the time.

I am a witch. Not a Wiccan. I would make a very bad Wiccan. I follow the Lord and Lady in a few forms. Mainly the Celtic and Sumerian paths. I have visits from Athena from time to time as well. I do not follow the Harm None rule. Nor do I go out of my way to curse people. I just don’t feel the need to, especially for petty reasons. I find it a waste of time and power. But harm or even TRY to harm me or my family, and you’ll get what’s coming to you.

I am also quite rebellious. I will speak out for what I know is right. That actually got me disowned from a good portion of my blood relations. That’s also why I know I would not fit into a coven of any kind. I will get on your nerves if you try to tell me when you think I am ready to learn something, or tell me how to do something. I do what is right for me.

So yeah… I’d make a very bad Wiccan.

I am solitary. I do my works and worship at night. There is no Lucifer in my path, but I do have a Horned One. Does that make me watered down or wrong? In my mind, no. And if you think it does, I personally don’t care. And if you’re one of those types of people, don’t even complain about Christians or other faiths giving you a hard time if you’re going to turn around and do it to a fellow witch.

I know I sound like I do, but I have no problem with Luciferians, or Wiccans, or people in covens personally. What I DO have a problem with, is individuals telling me what I should be doing with my work and/or worship time.

And that’s with ANY group.

Destroying our gift.

It’s sad to see some people of other faiths that look down their nose at people who try to protect the environment. They might say things like “You love the creation more than the Creator.” Let me just ask this: Let’s say you’re an adult, and you go to visit your parents. Your father has created a beautiful rocking chair for you as a gift. Is it okay to trash it? To destroy all his work? Is it okay to destroy what he made? The only thing that matters is that you love him, right? No. This world is a gift. And by trashing it, we are the spoiled ungrateful brats.

You aren’t fake!

I want to get this out. If you are a witch that does NOT throw curses around, or at all, do NOT let anyone tell you that you’re a fake. You are not weak. You are not worthless. You are not fake. And remember. You don’t have to do spells at all to be considered a witch. Blessed Be )O( Raven


If one of my daughters comes out as a lesbian in the future, know what I’m going to do?

I’m going to love her and whoever she chooses to be with. Cos I’m a real mom. And real moms show real love-with NO CONDITIONS. A real mom will be more concerned on how well their child’s partner treats them, not what gender they are. Sure I’ll be a tad disappointed in not having a grandkid from them. But hey, that’s what adoption is for! More gay couples means more kids get adopted. Another upside. And I’d love that kid too.

If one of my kids chooses a faith different from mine, know what I’m gonna do? Respect it. Because again, NO CONDITIONS. And just because my path is my Truth, it doesn’t make it theirs. We all have out own path to follow. As long as there isn’t pain and hatred towards others along that path. Also, to me, other faiths just mean the same Source with different names. Different faiths are one of the things that make the world beautiful. And I’d be happy that my child did her own research and discovered things for herself.

I would rather my kids grow up being happy with who they are, not miserable with being fake. 

Jesus had no conditions. So why do some parents have conditions under his name? He loved everyone, despite race, culture, faith, or sexual preference. He hung out with the sick that were cast aside, and the hookers. He also admired the faith of the pagans. Which makes me happy, knowing he’d hang out with someone like me.

I’m not Christian by any means, but I do follow his words as carefully as I can. And that’s HIS words, not the words people nowadays are putting in his mouth.

Stop putting conditions in his mouth. Conditions taste nasty, especially when they prohibit someone from finding themselves.

I wasn’t allowed to find myself while I was growing up. I’ve just recently found my path in life. And yesterday was my 28th birthday. 

Don’t make your child wait as long as I had to.

Victim Card

When you notice that everyone is walking out on you, you are losing everyone around you, it becomes time to stop and think a minute about what YOU might possibly be doing wrong. An entire group of people don’t go against one person for no reason. You can try to blame one person or group in particular, but ultimately, it’s all you. This one person did not make you screw up. Only YOU have the power over your own actions. If you were truly innocent of all wrong doings, people will stick by you. 

So go ahead. Threaten karma. Insult them. Do things to try to hurt them. It’s only going to make things worse for you until you have nothing left. Especially when so many people know the truth. And if you still haven’t learned your lesson, and still think you are a victim after you are completely alone… then I’m afraid there is just no hope left for you. You are a miserable, negative person, and no one wants to be around it. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. 

I’ve seen several people go through this lately, and I just don’t understand it. You were not specifically chosen by the gods for torment. You torment yourself by chasing people away by your actions. 

Only when you wake up and realize this, will things get better. But if you don’t, and you lose it all, you have no one to blame but yourself.

“FEAR the Lord!”

That’s something I never understood…. why fear something you worship? And why would the one you worship want you to be afraid of him? That’s like your own kids being afraid of you. And if a child is afraid of their parent, it’s likely due to abuse.

Why fear something good and loving? I don’t understand it.
My God and Goddess don’t ask to be feared. They love me no matter what. If their children misbehave, they don’t go to a place of eternal punishment for one thing in their life. They get a little bit of Karma, and if they learn their lesson? Good. Do it again, you’ll get your punishment again. They are like the typical good parents. They show that they will always love you, but there will be consequences for your actions.
This is why I have never been worried about a Hell, even as a Catholic. Hell was never a concern for me, and Satan never bothered me. He’s partially the reason why I did all the research that I’ve done over the years. Cos I sensed some BS somewhere.
At some point into my research, I found my true path. I also found out that the Christian Satan was really a demonized Pan/Cernunnos. Nowadays I feel a tiny twinge of pain with that. How can people turn something pure and harmless and say it’s evil?
Yes, there are negative forces out there. Heck, if you’re a believer in fairies, even they have some negative members among them! But evil? Not necessarily. Evil, in my opinion, is a human invention. And I think that makes mankind something to be afraid of.
This blog went into an entirely different direction, I think. O.o

Do you know what your reaction would be?

If you were to meet the god Cernunnos in the forest one day… what would you feel? What would you say?

Me.. I think I would cry at first. I would be overwhelmed with a feeling of love and admiration, and maybe a hint of fear, although there is no need for it. I would ask him how he felt, being overshadowed by the god that “replaced” him. What are his current views on the current world compared to what they were when the world began? Are they the same? Have they changed?
Even if Cernunnos is not your patron god, what would you do if you saw your diety?