I have 4 colors of Witches Runes in the oven right now. Purple, green, silver, and glow-in-the-dark!

I have two witch dolls finished, little crows planned, and a witch figure planned. I hope to have my shop open soon!

We’re expecting a big snowstorm tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s not too bad.


It is 1/27/2015, and it’s cold, my house is a mess, and I am crafting instead of cleaning. That’s about to change though, I promise. But I have lots of creations planned!

I also have a queasy witchling, who is currently playing games on my phone, hundled under a blanket on the couch.

I am right now sewing together a boot for one of the dolls I am making. They’re taking forever but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

My facebook page now has a secret group for people who feel more comfortable chatting in a more closed off and safe environment. It’s only been up for less than a day, but it’s starting to grow already.
But earlier this morning, a voice was saying, “Seriouly? Are you sure about this group? Don’t you have enough to do already?” Yes, Goddess, I know. But I felt the need to do it. Since then, the voice has backed off a little.

She wants me to keep doing my art. She and her God are calling me to do this, and I must take heed.

Merry Meet!

Welcome to The Ravens Hearth!

The Ravens Hearth is a place for pagans (and even open-minded non-pagans) to hang out.  Let’s talk about the deities. Let’s share recipes! Let’s share music! It’s also a place to sell my handmade creations.


Do you have  a ritual, spell, activity, or recipe to share? Submit them with your first name to theravenshearth@gmail.com and I will post them (after I review them)!


This site should have something for all ages. There is a kids page, but parents, as you already know, please watch your children while they’re on the internet (the “Myths and Truths” page has more adult content).


This site will hopefully continue to grow! Enjoy your stay! Blessed Be!


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