Merry Meet!


Welcome to The Ravens Hearth!

The Ravens Hearth started as a place to sell my handmade creations. However, due to lack of money for pretty much everyone, that’s been put on the back burner until further notice.

The Ravens Hearth is a place to enjoy your surroundings and relax. Let’s talk about the deities. Let’s share recipes! Let’s share music!

Do you have  a ritual, spell, activity, or recipe to share? Submit them with your first name to and I will post them (after I review them)!


This site should have something for all ages. There is a kids page, but parents, as you already know, please watch your children while they’re on the internet (the “Myths and Truths” page has more adult content).


This site will hopefully continue to grow! Enjoy your stay! Blessed Be!



Raven was last here: 1/9/2014